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 en un hábitat exótico dentro de un área urbana del sur de Chile

We present the first report of a successful nesting event of the White-throated Hawk (Buteo albigula) in a non-native habitat within an urban area of southern Chile. During three successive breeding seasons (November 2011˗February 2014), we monitored a summer-resident White-throated Hawk pair in the Caracol Hill of Concepción city, southern Chile. Vegetation in the breeding site was dominated by a former non-commercial Monterey pine plantation (Pinus radiata), accompanied by another non-native plants and some native trees such as roble (Lophozonia obliqua) and peumo (Cryptocarya alba) in the ravines.

Although previously it had already been detected an inactive nest in the area, until now the reproduction of the species at the site had not been conrmed. In February 2014, under the crown of a Monterey pine we found an active nest at more than 40 m height with evident signs of occupation (e.g., downs of chicks, fresh prey remains, pellets and fecal droppings). Around this nest, we observed two adults hawks and a juvenile. Up to our knowledge, our observation represents the first record of a successful nesting attempt of the White-throated Hawk in a non-native habitat, and suggests that forest structure more than forest type, could influence nest site selection by this species. Absence of human persecution in the nest’s vicinities and the availability of avian prey in the surrounding urban environment could have also favored the occupation of this unusual site by the White-throated Hawk.